Sell a car for cash !

Sell my car Surrey is a leading cash for cars buyer . If you have a car to sell for cash in Surrey then look no further.

We will come and visit people at there homes who are intrested in selling cars in Surrey and will consider travelling up to 200 miles from London to buy cars . If you are thinking of selling a car then we are the answer.

Terms and conditions

We reserve the right to refuse to purchase or value a vehicle without giving a reason.

All vehicles will be subject to H.P.I/Experian clearance

Outstanding Finance. All outstanding finance must to be settled prior to release of Funds. A settlement letter from the relevant finance company will be required.
In the circumstance any outstanding finance balance is more than the agreed valuation,you will agree to pay sell my car surrey the difference between these amounts at point of collection as per the relevant finance companies settlement letter.

If, in our opinion, on final viewing of the vehicle, the vehicles condition is not as described, we reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly.

You undertake to supply us with full ownership documentation when we collect the vehicle. i.e. vehicle registration document, MOT certificates, service history, unexpired Road fund licence, owners manuals, audio equipment (Factory Fitted). Payment will not be made until we receive all these documents.

Proof of I.D will be required i.e. Driving Licence, Passport (this is to prevent fraud) If it comes to light that the vehicle is stolen or any other fraudulent activity, all information will be passed to the Police with no exceptions.

Warranted Mileage. This means can the mileage on the speedometer be authenticated by another means. e.g. Service history, consecutive MOTs, etc. Only tick yes if the mileage is genuine and can be proved as so.

HPI/Experian clearance is only gained upon your acceptance of the first and initial valuation and could result in deductions from the first initial valuation offer. i.e. The vehicle is written off, stolen, subject to finance or negative equity etc.

Based upon the information supplied, Sell my car surrey always endeavours to value all proposals fairly, giving you the best possible price upfront. However, please remember our valuations are based on recognised motor trade guides and current auction prices. operates within mainland UK only.

How fast can I sell my car?

We will endeavour to get to you the same day, sometimes within hours.

We will endeavour to get to you the same day, sometimes within hours.

Just fill in the Proposal form on the website or give us a call, it’s really that simple to sell your used car.

How much will it cost to sell my car?

You pay nothing. We offer a free online valuation, there are no hidden costs. See our Terms & Conditions.

Secure - No strangers visiting your home

or problems with payment and uninsured drivers test driving your car.